Get the ONLY Book You need for Marketing Your Practice

Learn the top new key marketing principles for your medical practice to attract new highly qualified patients. Our marketing strategy has increased profitability and decreased administration for over 50 practices in the United States.

Get the ONLY Book You need for Marketing Your Practice

Learn the marketing principles required for every medical pratice to attract new highly qualified patients. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Voluptatibus est dolore, laudantium sit earum deserunt.

The APP Application

Prebuilt and Done For You marketing automation creates room to focus on your practice. This system will attract, engage, and follow up with your ideal potential patients without hiring an additional staff member. That means no hiring, training, managing or paying an additional staff member. Add profit without stress or overhead.

The technology exists. If you are serious about growing your practice, utilize a proven process for growth all without hiring additional staff or working additional hours.
Dr. Hashimoto
CEO & Founder of APP
Marketing Consulting

Profit with our data from 200+ marketing campaigns per month. Our focus and data ensures you are ahead of the competition and on the bleeding edge of marketing trends.

Automated Follow-Up

We use automation to ensure your leads show up for seminars and consultations. We even keep in touch with the ones who just want to "think about it" for months until they become a client.

Substantial ROI

Discover a real return on investment from automation combined with marketing. If you aren't using this technology, you are leaving money on the table every month and strengthening your competition.

The Best Marketing Decision

Grow your business like you have never experienced with this fully automated marketing system. We put our large marketing data of over 50+ offices to work for you!

  • Area Exclusivity

    We only work with one practice per geographic area so our servicse do not compete. Lock in your location.

  • Your Own Application

    Get instant access to your necessary marketing functions on any device using our easy to use app.

  • Referral Program

    Our clients speak the loudest of their successes and we value that.

  • Personalized To Your Practice

    We outpeform competitors with customized marketing and automation to the clients individual needs.

  • Easy Automated Setup

    Setting your practice is headache free and completely guided by our support staff.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our support team is located in the USA and specialized to healthcare needs

Helping Others Succeed

We’ve analyzed 100s of healthcare practices and have developed a marketing automation solution that just works and breeds success. It is 100% not reliant on the office or the doctor.

We know first hand what it takes to run an office and make it succeed. Take the hassles of finding new prospects and acquiring new patients away from the doctor and office to allow them to concentrate on what they do best, help patients get out of pain!

We value or relationships with our clients and provide a direct line of access to Dr. Hashimoto, his team of marketers, and automation specialists. Our clients have freedom to get the answers they need to grow their practice. Take advantage of our free training calls for staff each month and raise their ability to help close.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Automatic Practice Profits?

    This is a marketing methodology designed by Dr. Hashimoto, a sucessful practicing doctor, which has resulted in dominating his local market. Due to coaxing by some colleagues, Automatic Practice Profits was formed to solve a big problem for other doctors in private practice - Getting high volume of paying clients in the door.

  • Will this work for my practice?

    If you can dedicate one hour of your time and two hours of one staff's time per week, you could have a successful marketing machine that consistently gets 60 to 80 people through the door each month. We have clients getting over 200 new patients per month. The tools and methods work. Growing your revenue is easy to if you really want to.

  • How much time will I have to put in?

    Not much, but we do ask that your staff watches our training videos and gets on our monthly training call because practice makes permanent. Our software is smart, but your staff will have to use it. Human follow up with leads generated increases the effectiveness of the automated program.

  • Is this available in my area?

    We engage in services with our clients on an area exclusivity basis. This way our marketing program is not competing with itself for clients in the same region. We believe in bringing our clients the most value and cannot do that if we are arming competing practices with highly converting methodoligies.

  • What makes this better than other programs?

    Dr. Hashimoto is a practicing doctor which has developed and refined marketing methodologies to explode his business profits. This program resulted from colleagues requesting consultations to improve in their markets. These methodologies were combined with software to automate the process due to the increased volumes of leads. How many competitors can say that?

  • How much does it cost?

    Budgets are the reality of practice and we start our clients with our low cost, easy to implement programs. We start layering in other types of media as your practice grows and you are comfortable with the program. We have a 96% satisfaction rate and most clients progress to advanced solutions.

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Qualify Your Practice

To ensure the highest ROI we will only work with practises we know can succeed. If it won't work for you we will not engage in service.

Engage In Service

Most Clients are surpised about how fast they see new prospects at their events or in their office. This is on another level!

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With Automated Marketing our clients are able to see the ROI they deserve with minimal effort and maximum confidence.

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